Is there an ideal length of time to study in one go?
Question asked by Simone Allard - March 5, 2015 at 1:38 PM
I decided to make an early start on my study today (8.30am). It’s just after 1pm and I have only just taken an ‘exhausted brain’ break.  I feel like I really pushed myself to focus for the last hour and I’m wondering now whether I learnt anything.
Which is best, long or short study sessions?

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Christine Baxter Replied
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Hello Simone
Research has shown that the brain's optimum focus time is between 1-1.5 hours and any concentration after this becomes more laboured as time progresses. 
This doesn't mean you should only study for short bursts, it means you should walk away from your books for a few minutes, clear the mind, have a drink or breath of fresh air and then return.  By moving away regularly to refocus, you are ensuring your brain and learning capacity are always working at optimum levels.
Another tip is to drink plenty of water when you are studying.  A fully hydrated brain absorbs faster and learns more.  

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