Does anyone have any study tips to help me remember what I've just studied?
Question asked by John Griffiths - March 10, 2015 at 12:28 PM
When I’m learning I feel confident that I understand and I get most of the questions right, except for silly errors. Then a couple of days later I look at the same questions and feel I can’t answer any of them! I end up going back over the same lesson several times.
Any advice to help my memory would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Christine Baxter Replied
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Hello John
Your question is a very common one and you'll be pleased to know there is nothing wrong with your memory, it's as good as it should be.
The issue you are encountering is a lack of belief in your own ability and not enough practice yet. 
As you learn each topic, it is central to your focus.  You learn, you understand and as you say, you can answer the questions.  When you move to the next topic you follow the same process, which means the topic you learnt last week is having to now share your focus in a less important position. 
Sharing focus adds a delay to recall while your mind sorts the information you need, but instead of waiting and believing in your ability, you are confusing the delay with I can't remember.  This is causing you to panic and then waste your time re-visiting lessons.  Give the delay time to work and you will remember most of what you have learnt.  Where there are gaps, it just means you need more practice and that will come naturally as you progress through the course.
Trust yourself, you knew it last week, you'll know it this week and next.  Keep moving on to the next lesson because the more you move on, the more practice you will get and the shorter the recall delay time becomes.   
Everything we learn we remember and store without exception any blocks in recall is just panic and lack of practice, relax and let it flow.  

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