Booking your AAT AQ2016 Assessment

Booking your exams is a straightforward process.  
Your local assessment centre is used to having external students from various training providers sitting their exams at the centre.   Some centres will have online booking and others will be available to book over the phone.  You’ll find the assessment centres very friendly and helpful.

Students paying exam fees - Booking your exams

You are usually required to pay your assessment fee when you book your exam.  You will need to know your AAT registration number, date of birth and the code of the exam you are sitting.  For example: BTRN is the code for the Bookkeeping Transaction exam.

Employer paid exam fees - Booking your exams

If your employer has paid for your exams at enrolment you can only book your exams by phone with your chosen assessment centre.   
Contact Gold Edge, Student Services let them know you are booking your exam and which exam you are booking.   Student Services will record the booking and give you a purchase order number to give to the assessment centre.  
You can then book your exam directly with the assessment centre and request that Gold Edge Training is invoiced.  
The centre will require you to quote the purchase order number, your AAT registration number, date of birth and the code of the exam you are sitting.  For example: BTRN is the code for the Bookkeeping Transaction exam.  
It is easier for you to book directly because you know your own availability.  
Once your exam is booked

Please let Student Services know the date of your exam.   Knowing this information is an important part of us tracking your progress.
Gold Edge Training work with a large number of UK and international AAT approved assessment venues.  We have no restrictions as to the centres you can choose.

Find your local UK assessment venue

Visit the link below, enter your post code and select the maximum distance you are willing to travel, before clicking the submit button. All available assessment venues including contact details, administration fees and facilities will be listed. You may need to select a higher maximum distance if you’re original search failed to return any results.

Click here to visit the AAT assessment venue online search tool to find local assessment venue(s) in the UK.

Alternatively, we are happy to locate the venue/s closest to your post code and provide you with any relevant information.

Find an international assessment venue

An online search tool for international assessment venues is not available. However, please click the link below for a PDF document maintained by AAT which lists all AAT approved international assessment venues.  Alternatively, you can enter the Country name in the postcode search above.  This can be a more up to date option than downloading the list below.

Click here for a PDF document listing all AAT approved international assessment venues.

Booking your AAT AQ2016 Computer-Based Test (CBT)

Before booking, make sure you have chosen the correct assessment, by checking both the unit code and the programme for which, the exam will assess/verify competency. Make sure, at level 2 and 3, that you tell the centre the programme you are studying i.e. Full Accounting or Bookkeeping or Foundation Award in Accounting Software.
You should not worry about booking an assessment, as most venues will allow you to postpone the booking to a later date. However, please check this with your chosen assessment venue and ensure you read the assessment venue terms and conditions before booking for the first time.

How long will I wait for my exam date?

Every centre is different.  Some centres will offer same week bookings and others will have set dates in a month when exams are available.  For study continuity, it is wise to contact your local centre, as you start revision to find out the availability.  Knowing the waiting times will help you to decide when to book your exams.

Booking your AAT AQ2016 synoptic assessment

Synoptic assessments for specific levels i.e. the Advanced Diploma level 3 and the Professional Diploma level 4 are only available on certain dates. Refer to the AAT website for the latest dates.  The Foundation level 2 has no restrictions for exam sitting.
Provided a synoptic assessment is available for your level and desired date, simply follow the same steps to book a synoptic assessment, as you would when booking a Computer-Based Test (CBT).

What is the duration of my exam?

Most exams are 2 hours, but a few vary from this.  Check the length of each exam with your assessment centre as you book it.

What equipment can I take into the exam?

Your exam centre should give you full guidance as to when you should arrive and what identification you will require to show the invigilator.  The invigilator should also give you guidance on exam conditions before your exam begins.
You can take pens, pencils and highlighters etc. with you.  You can also take a non-programmable calculator.  It is always wise to take a spare calculator etc. just in case.  
You are allowed to use scrap paper during the exam.  Take some with you in case the invigilator doesn’t hand any out, but always let the invigilator know you have scrap paper and show them it is blank before your exam begins.  
Hand any scrap paper used during the exam to the invigilator at the end of the exam, never take it home with you. This is because the exam questions remain live after you have sat them and taking information away with you could jeopardise your result. 

How much will my assessment cost?

See the GET Support Portal article: AAT AQ2016 Assessment Fees for more information.