How to access the AAT Green Light test

You will need a valid AAT membership or subscription to log in to your MyAAT account. If you do not have a valid AAT membership or subscription please see the GET Support Portal article: AAT Student Membership and Subscription Fees.

Click the link below to open the 'study support search' page within your MyAAT account, to perform a search for links to open  'Green Light' test(s), for the unit you are revising and authenticate your MyAAT account details;

Link to the MyAAT 'study support search' page:

If you are not currently signed in to your MyAAT account, you will be prompted to enter your email and password to log in.

When you have successfully signed in, you will arrive at the 'study support search' page, where you should follow the steps below;

  1. Select the 'Qualification', e.g. 'AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting'
  2. Click the appropriate 'Standards' (aka syllabus) radio button, e.g. '2013'
  3. Select the 'Unit', e.g. Processing bookkeeping transactions
  4. Click the 'Green Light test' checkbox
  5. Finally, click the 'Search' button.

The results should include one or more links, however the 'Green Light test' is not available for all units.

Click the 'Green Light' link to open a new tab/window, where you will be automatically redirected and logged in to the 'AAT Green Light' dashboard for the appropriate test.