AAT AQ2016 assessment changes from AQ2013

Assessment changes introduced for the AQ2016 syllabus;

  • 1 synoptic assessment per level.
  • 1 re-sit limit per assessment over 24 months (not applicable to most GET students).
  • Assessment grading: pass, merit or distinction.


Synoptic assessment

What is a synoptic assessment?

The synoptic assessment tests students’ understanding of connections between the different topics covered across the qualification. Some units will be assessed only by an end of unit assessment, while others will also be included in the synoptic assessment.

How does the synoptic assessment fit in with other assessments?

See article: AAT AQ2016 qualification/unit assessment method.

When can I take a synoptic assessment?

See article: AAT AQ2016 synoptic assessment booking schedule.


Assessment re-sit limit

What is the re-sit limit?

It means some students will have a maximum of two attempts for each individual assessment within a 24 month period. However, this limit will not apply to the vast majority of GET students.

Who does the re-sit limit apply to?

Students who are aged 16-19 and studying one of the qualifications listed further below;

Who is not affected by the re-sit limit?

  • Students aged 19 or above.
  • Scottish students.
  • International students.

Which qualifications will the re-sit limit apply to?

The re-sit limit will apply to the following qualifications:

  • AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting Level 2.
  • AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting Level 3.

They do not apply to:

  • AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting Level 4.
  • Existing qualifications ahead of 1st September 2016.


Assessment grading

What will I be graded on?

AAT will not grade individual assessments, but all assessments will count towards an overall qualification grade.

What do the grades look like?

AAT will award qualifications using Pass, Merit or Distinction.

For more information about grading boundaries, weighting and definitions see the relevant qualification specification fact sheet. ​See article: AAT AQ2016 Qualification Fact Sheets.

Will grading be introduced on all AAT qualifications?

The following qualifications will be graded:

  • AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting Level 2.
  • AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting Level 3.
  • AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting Level 4.

Although only qualifications are graded, AAT will continue to provide detailed assessment feedback to allow you to see how you have performed in each task of the assessment.

Will I be able to raise my grade? 

Yes, you may improve your grade by re-sitting your assessment(s).

Re-sits to improve grades will be subject to the same restrictions as re-sits to pass either a unit assessment or the synoptic assessment.

What happens if I re-sit an assessment to raise my overall qualification grade, but get a lower result or fail?

Only the highest result will count towards your grade. If you re-sit, but in doing so achieve an assessment result that would lower your overall grade, the previous higher result will remain valid and will be used to determine your overall grade for the qualification.

Will I be given the marks I achieved in my assessments?

You will receive your Competent/Not yet Competent result for each assessment taken. You will also receive your overall percentage achieved if the qualification is graded. Additionally, you will continue to receive general feedback comments for your performance in each question.

AAT will provide guidance about how to interpret your results, and how this feeds into your qualification grades.