What type of calculator can I bring to my AAT exam?
Question asked by Andy Roberts - January 12, 2015 at 2:53 PM
I have a scientific calculator CASIO fx-83MS
Is that OK, or do I need to buy a more basic non-scientific one?

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I've looked it up and according to Amazon, your calculator is not programmable so I think your OK to use it in your AAT exam.
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Isabelle is correct, but you should also take note of the official description of calculators permitted in AAT exams;
"Calculators must not be programmable. Calculators should not be able to store data, text or alphanumeric formulas. Calculators should not emit audible tones, be able to print, be programmable from other sources or be a function of a personal organiser, watch or mobile phone. Solar powered calculators are used at the student’s own risk."
Source:  Supervisors Instructions for AAT computer based assessments (CBA), August 2014.

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