How to delete your web browser temporary Internet files (AKA the cache)

Temporary Internet files, also known as the cache are files downloaded from many of the websites you have visited. When you visit the same web page again, it will load much faster. This is because many of the files required by the website will be instantly available from your local cache, rather than waiting for them to download all over again from the Internet.
However, you may encounter issues when for example, the website owner makes changes to the website and your local cache is out of date. Clearing your cache is a quick and easy first step to troubleshooting any strange/unexpected behaviour you may be experiencing before contacting support.
1) In MS Internet Explorer 10 and 11 click the tools icon, which looks like a cog, located towards the top right corner of the web browser window. Alternatively, hit the ALT and X keys together on your keyboard.
IE 11 Tools (Cog Icon)
2) Click 'Internet options'.
IE11 Internet Options (Cog Icon) Open Menu
3) Within the 'Internet Options': General tab click the 'Delete...' button.
IE11 Internet Options General Tab Delete Button
4) In 'Delete Browsing History', ensure that only the option labelled 'Temporary Internet files and website files' is checked.
5) Click the 'Delete' button.
IE11 Internet Options Delete Browsing History Options Temp File Checked Delete Button
6) The 'Delete Browsing History' window will disappear and your mouse pointer icon will change to an egg timer to indicate your system is busy.
7) It may take several minutes before the files have been deleted, when the message: 'Internet Explorer has finished deleting the selected browsing history.' will appear.
IE11 Internet Options Temp Files Deleted Message